Five Questions With James

James Stairs

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

1. What pro tips do you offer your real estate clients? ​

I find that many prospective home buyers start with an internet search. My tip would be that buyers should not rely on that information alone, but find an agent who can see a property’s features and faults and relate those to the needs of their clients. Working with a trusted Realtor® can help buyers make informed and confident real estate decisions.


2. Why is being a New Abode agent the right opportunity for you at this time?

Being able to adapt and remain innovative is one of the keys to success and embraced by New Abode leadership.


3. What other jobs and experiences have affected your work as a New Abode agent today?

My adult life/career experience in emergency care and management reflects my continued commitment to helping people. Real estate is seldom an emergency but often comes with urgency. A calm, focus, process-driven perspective is critical in a situation that can often be adversely affected by emotion.


4. What are the “best-kept secrets” of the New York Capital Region?

The Capital Region offers a unique mix of accessibility and affordability.


5. What are your hobbies, and what do you like to do in your free time?​

I enjoy boating, skiing, and spending time with my grandchildren.


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Created 12/23/20

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