Five Questions With Rosalie

Rosalie LaRocco

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

1. What pro tips do you offer your real estate clients? ​

Following marketing trends and statistics of other successful businesses throughout the country helps us find great insights that may apply to the real estate industry. You want a REALTOR® to provide you with a perfect blend of personalized “out of the box” approaches in making your Realty Dream a Reality! 

Secondly, many financial assistance opportunities are available to clients that can assist in their goal of homeownership. These opportunities may include public and/or private housing grants, down payment assistance, or loans for home modifications.


2. Why is being a New Abode agent the right opportunity for you at this time?

New Abode is leading the real estate industry with a fresh, non-traditional, and entrepreneurial approach to serving the Capital Region in real estate service.


3. What other jobs and experiences have affected your work as a New Abode agent today?

As an experienced Accessibility Advisor, I have expertise in identifying properties with accessible potential! The existence of a wheelchair ramp does not mean the bathroom is big enough for a wheelchair. An elevator in a condominium may not be able to hold a power chair and an attendant! Accessibility is unique for each client’s needs. An advisor with the ability to get the details right is critical to make a comfortable home!


4. What are the “best-kept secrets” of the New York Capital Region?

In the heart of Albany, by our state capital, you can look out from a luxury condominium window and feel like you are in Manhattan! A short walk will bring you to tree-lined streets with rows of magnificent brownstones where George Washington visited to have tea with our founding fathers! A quick drive will take you to several exquisite suburban communities, and if you are willing to drive just a bit further, you can find that dreamy farmhouse surrounded by acres of land! Whatever your personality, the Capital Region has a community for everyone!


5. What are your hobbies, and what do you like to do in your free time?​

As we all navigate toward a new normal, I have re-discovered dormant cooking talents and enjoyed the simple pleasure of creating an herb garden. I am guilty of being up to date on Netflix shows and enjoy keeping up with the latest Tik Tok challenges. When it is safe, I am looking forward to traveling again, hunting for treasures at our many antique shops throughout the region, and spending time with my family and friends!


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Created 2/25/21

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