New Abode Featured in The Daily Gazette on iBuyer Platform

New Abode, LLC was featured in an article in The Daily Gazette. The article discusses the iBuyer platform that New Abode has introduced to the Capital Region.

An iBuyer platform is an option for homeowners looking to sell their home quickly for cash. According to owner Jesse Holland, iBuyer is best suited for people who want or need to make a quick sale, but don’t want to do it through the local cash buyer looking to flip the house at high profit.

John Cropley explained what makes New Abode, LLC unique, “New Abode offers both options — sales agents with feet on the ground or leaping into cyberspace — depending on whether its seller clients prefer to maximize their sale price or minimize their time and effort.”

Our leasing agents use state of the art technology to curate the home selling experience to fit your needs. They will advise you on the best path for your unique circumstance.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, our goal is to demystify the real estate process and break down each transaction into easily digestible steps. We are eager to help you find your dream home, business location, or investment opportunity in the Capital Region.

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To read the full article on The Daily Gazette website, click the image below.

Created 1/7/21

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